Here is a quick guide to the city we love! You can find information about fun family activities, great places to eat or discover your next favorite urban walk in Seattle. You’ll soon see why our friendly team thinks this is a great place to live and work!

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Seattle Underground

Learn about Seattle’s scandalous past and see some really old plumbing with this fun tour underneath the streets of Seattle.

Centurylink Field

Enjoy watching SuperBowl XLVIII champions, the Seattle Seahawks or take in a great concert at Seattle's beautiful stadium. Go Hawks!

Seattle Aquarium

Enjoy a hands-on experience at one of the exciting 6 major exhibits of this ocean side aquarium. We love the sea otters!

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Green Lake PArk

Washington is lucky to have many parks to explore! Green Lake is Dr. Reidy’s favorite place to spend time with her family on warm Seattle days.

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Golf Courses

Dr. Mulick is a self diagnosed golf-aholic. Here's a review of the Seattle area's top 10 public golf courses.

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Wild Ginger Restaurant

Enjoy an exquisite experience at this local dining treasure. House-made ingredients and the spices of the east meet for an unforgettable meal.