Endodontics refer to treatment within a tooth—root canals. Dental Care Seattle performs endodontics when a tooth becomes abscessed, infected and/or is severely painful. As a benefit to patients, our schedule always allows emergency dental care for patients needing endodontic treatment.

Root Canal Facts

With today’s digital equipment, modern anesthesia and the expertise of the doctors at Dental Care Seattle, a root canal provides relief, with patient comfort in mind.

Endodontics bring relief by:

  • Effectively numbing your tooth and gums for the procedure
  • Cleansing an infected tooth
  • Sealing the tooth from further decay or infection
  • Keeping your long-term oral wellness in mind

If you have acute or recurring pain in a tooth, contact Dental Care Seattle for an endodontics visit immediately. The faster you act, the sooner we can have you feeling better.


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Ready to get started?
Request an appointment with a dentist today.