Announcing Dr. Victor Barry’s Retirement & Dr. Nicholas Radandt as New Partner

January 1, 2019

Seattle, WA—Dental Care Seattle would like to extend its best wishes to Dr. Victor J. Barry who will be retiring on April 1, 2019. Dr. Barry has provided countless hours of excellent dental care to his patients for over 40 years in the Seattle area. In addition to his extraordinary dental treatment, Dr. Barry has served as a voice for the dental community through his service with the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, and the Seattle-King County Dental Society. Dr. Barry’s skilled dentistry, leadership, guidance, and wit will be greatly missed at Dental Care Seattle. We applaud Dr. Barry’s lasting legacy with Dental Care Seattle, his commitment to the dental community, and of course his commitment to his patients. We’re all truly blessed to have worked alongside Dr. Barry during his illustrious career—we thank him and wish him the very best in his years ahead!

Dental Care Seattle would also like to congratulate and welcome Dr. Nicholas E. Radandt in his new role as a partner and owner of the practice as of January 1, 2019. Dr. Radandt joined the practice in March of 2016 and quickly earned the respect of Dental Care Seattle staff and patients with his top-notch quality care and passion for service. Dr. Radandt is deeply rooted in the Seattle dental community, and joins partner Dr. Michael Mulick in leading the practice into a bright future. Dental Care Seattle welcomes Dr. Radandt as a new owner and looks forward to the years ahead with his caring dentistry, committed dedication, strong integrity, and team approach. 

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Dr. Victor Barry   & Dr. Nick Radandt

Dr. Victor Barry & Dr. Nick Radandt