Teeth Whitening

Dazzle yourself with a brighter, younger-looking smile. Dental Care Seattle offers teeth whitening that works wonders for your confidence and visual age. When you work with our dentists, you get a teeth whitening result that works for your type of discoloration.

Dental Care Seattle offers teeth whitening that:

  • Lifts stains
  • Can be completed in our office or at your own home
  • Offers you the appropriate level of whitening
  • Is safe – we will offer you methods with little or no sensitivity

Save time and frustration by skipping the store-bought solutions that only offer a generalized approach and a lower concentration of the whitening agent. Zoom! Whitening offers our patients a convenient in-office whitening solution from Dental Care Seattle. In about an hour we can lift stains and reveal a polished new look!

Another choice for teeth whitening from our practice is a take-home whitening system. Your dentist creates a custom tray for the whitening gel, and advises you on how often to wear the trays. This method is easy to incorporate into your time at home, while watching TV, reading or unwinding.

Smile more often and with total confidence! Contact us about teeth whitening today.

→  Ready to get started?  Request an  appointment  with a dentist today.

Ready to get started?
Request an appointment with a dentist today.